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September 15th, 2013              

    Drew's hockey team started out the season with a scrimmage against the Saginaw Badgers in Saginaw on Sunday, September 15th. Tara & I were forced to split up for today's game, and I wound up going to Samantha's soccer game while she got Drew's hockey game. After spending some time tailgating with other players and parents before the game, they headed inside to prepare. From what I gathered, there wasn't enough preparation in the world that could have prepared the team for what was about to hit them. I got updates that went something like this... 4-0, 5-0, 6-0, then a little break before 11-0 and finally 14-0. Somewhere in that stretch she missed a goal by the Storm team that both Drew and Tyler reminded her of. I believe that the scoreboard ended up reading 6-1 because they stopped keeping track as things got out of hand. It was a good learning experience for the kids, and now they have an idea of just how far they have to go.

    Although Drew will normally wear #29 this season, he is wearing #3 for today's scrimmage as we await the delivery of new jersey's.

Scrimmage - at Saginaw Badgers

The Storm on the ice during warm-ups.

Drew skating through the center circle.

The team getting some advice from their coach.

Drew on the ice.

Another shot of Drew.

Drew skating towards the puck.

The teams meeting at center ice for the handshake line.

Drew skating towards his teammates after finishing his handshakes.


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