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    I screwed up today and forgot my camera - even though I thought about it before we left the house. I wasn't thinking at the time that Drew would be having games this morning. I guess it pays to check the calendar that I so diligently keep up to date for everyone else in the family!

    Drew's teams played so-so today. His team wound up losing the first game of the morning by a score of 4-2 after letting in a couple of goals late in the game. The second game resulted in a victory, but it was a back and forth game throughout the entire contest. A last minute goal resulted in a 6-5 victory, their third win this year against the one loss. Drew didn't score today, but he did set up a goal and he was also commended by one his coach for using a technique to steal the puck that the players have been learning over the last couple of weeks at practice.

    Just a reminder... It is very difficult to separate which pictures are from which game, as the three teams all share black and white as their sweater colors. Drew's team typically wear black, leaving the other two teams to wear white. Because I can't tell which pictures are from which game (until I get smart enough to take a picture of something besides the action on the ice between the games) I will be posting them under one set of pictures.

Games 3 & 4 - vs. LCHA (Inter-squad games)

Drew skating in front of the net in his offensive zone.

Drew backed off in a defensive position during a faceoff.

Drew skating along the boards with the puck.

Drew moving into position to block an oncoming rush by the opposition.

Drew looking for a pass in front of the net.


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