Games 7 & 8

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    For the second set of games in a row I screwed up and forgot my camera - even though I thought about it before we left the house. This time I even knew that it was game day! Grr...

    Drew's teams played well today. His team tied the first game of the morning 4-4 after letting in a last-minute goal. The second game resulted in a victory, but it was a back and forth game throughout the entire contest. This time it was a 4-3 score.

    Drew's team had to wear the red pullover's this week, so you won't be able to spot him by his number. Sorry!

Games 7 & 8 - vs. LCHA (Inter-squad games)

Drew (in the center of the picture) skating towards the goal.

Drew chasing the puck into the corner.


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