Sandusky Jamboree

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    Drew's hockey team, the Lapeer Hurricanes, played in another hockey jamboree this year, this time at the Colleen Howe Arena in Sandusky on Saturday, March 9th. His team will be playing four games over the course of the day. The schedule for Drew's team is below.

    As always, enjoy the photos!

Sandusky Mite Jamboree - LCHA Hurricanes



Location Time Result Score Record
  Mar 03 Game 1 - vs. Crop Production Howe Arena 8:00am W 8-1 1-0
  Mar 03 Game 2 - vs. Dumaw Farms Howe Arena 9:00am W 11-3 2-0
  Mar 03 Game 3 - vs. Burger King Howe Arena 10:00am W 9-2 3-0
  Mar 03 Game 4 - vs. Dumaw Farms Howe Arena 11:00am W 7-4 4-0


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