2013 GMC Sierra

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    I almost screwed up and missed reserving a vehicle through the GM Ambassador Car program for the final quarter this year. I wasn't left with a lot of options, so I settled for a GMC Sierra. Hey, I like trucks and I'd love to replace our 2004 Sierra. Unfortunately we can find out only the seating capacity and the vehicle type when we make a reservation, and nothing else. I had no idea if I was getting a 3500HD Dually Crew Cab or a 1500 Extended Cab, which is what I wound up with. At least it was the top of the line SLT version. I must admit that I failed to write down the final sticker price on this particular model, but I do know that it was just slightly north of $44,000. Far too much, in my opinion.

    I just didn't feel like this truck had enough features to justify the price, and I think that let me down quite a bit. In comparison to our 2010 Buick Enclave, I felt as though I took a step back in time with this vehicle. Features that I would expect to be in all new vehicles were lacking in this truck, and aside from the awesome V8 rumble there is little I will miss in this particular truck. Let's start with the gas mileage... I averaged a measly 16.4mpg in my week with the truck, not what I'd expect from a vehicle with cylinder deactivation. I could also never (NEVER) justify the extended cab model over the crew cab. The backwards opening rear doors seemed to be far more inconvenient to me than any cost savings could ever mean to my pocketbook. I was constantly having to squeeze between them while in parking spaces, and if the kids were in the back without an adult in the front passenger seat, they were unable to shut the front door. I also had to open and close my door to drop them off at practices and other functions where my presence wasn't required. Another issue I had was in finding a comfortable seating position. Either the seat didn't adjust enough for my needs, or the pedals (which were indeed adjustable) and the drivers side rear-view mirror (the passenger side seemed fine for some reason) didn't adjust enough for me. I felt too close to the pedals when I was comfortable with the steering wheel and too far from the wheel when I was comfortable to the pedals. No matter where I sat, I could not get the outside mirror to adjust high enough up so that I did not have to duck down to use it. I'm not sure if that was an issue with this particular truck/mirror combination or if that is a common occurrence.

    Overall I was disappointed in this vehicle. Although I would love a new truck for hauling our fifth wheel, this particular truck has me dreaming of holding out for a restyled 2015 heavy duty truck when they come out...

2013 GMC Sierra

A look at both driver's side doors opened. While the wide opening provides some conveniences, it also make maneuvering around the doors difficult in tight parking spaces.

A look at the driver's seat area.

The overall gas mileage for the week with the Sierra was 16.4mpg. Not exactly stellar...

A further look at the dashboard console.

A look at the center stack with the radio and HVAC controls.

A look at the front of the truck.

The three-quarter front view shows the stubby rear doors.

This version of the Sierra included the All-Terrain option.

The rear three-quarter view of the truck.

The rear of the truck. This model included rear parking sensors, but no back-up camera.


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