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May 11th, 2013              

    Tara & I were unable to attend Jayden's game today, so Grandpa Gary & Grandma Terry volunteered to take her. They were pretty amazed at how fast Jayden has gotten over the past year, and that she can actually play soccer a little bit! She scored her team's first and last goals today, but that wasn't enough to secure her team the "victory". Although scorekeeping is taboo at this age group, we just can't help ourselves! Today her team lost 5-4, and once again she wasn't very happy about that. She was pleased with her two goals, however, so that made up for some of her disappointment. The score got closer this week, so maybe next week will bring on a true victory for her team...

Game 2 - U6 #5

Jayden kicking the ball during the pre-game practice session.

Jayden lining up with her teammate for the opening kickoff.

Jay chased this ball down as it went just wide of the net.

Jay getting control of the ball and turning towards the goal.

Jay and another teammate lined up for another kickoff.

Jay watching the ball go into the net as her team scores a goal.

Jayden defending the opposing player who has the ball.

Jay racing down the field.

Jay chasing down the ball as it heads towards the net...

...where she knocked it in for her second goal of the game!


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