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May 18th, 2013              

    Jayden played in her third soccer game on Saturday, May 18th. Despite the fact that Tara & I are horrible parents and forgot that it was our turn to bring snacks, the game went well. While Jay's team lost once again, they played hard. Jayden got the honor of playing the entire game, and she was the only one on her team to score a goal. That makes 4 goals in her 3 games in AYSO so far... not too shabby! For those not keeping score at home, the final was a 4-1 loss for Jay's team today.

Game 3 - vs. U6 #7

Jayden trying to knock the ball away from her jersey #3 counterpart.

Jayden sticking her foot out in front of the ball, trying to take it away from another player.

Jay trying to turn the ball around towards her goal...

...and absorbing a hit in the process.

A close up of Jayden as she gets a brief rest.

Jayden dribbling the ball towards her goal.

Jay performing a throw in after the ball went out of bounds.

Jay dribbling the ball down the field once again...

...and getting off a kick towards the goal.

Jay shoots, she scores!


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