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May 29th, 2013              

    After missing a game due to a rainout, Jayden returned to the soccer field for her fourth game of the season (I am leaving it as Game 5 to keep things straight on the schedule, however - too much work to rearrange everything every time a game is rained out). This was the first game in which she didn't get a goal, but thankfully her team wasn't shut out despite giving up a bunch of goals. They just don't seem to get the concept of defense at this point...

Game 5 - at U6 #2

Jayden and her teammates making their way onto the field to start the game.

Jay lined up in the center position for the opening kickoff.

Jay watching the action unfold in front of her.

Jay doing her best throw in from the sideline.

Jay doing her best to outrun everyone on the field...

...and drive the ball towards her goal.

Jay lined up for another kick after her team gave up a goal.

Jay waiting for the opposing team to throw the ball in.


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