Playoff Game 1

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June 13th, 2013              

    Tonight's game recap came in the form of the following message from Tara... "They are amazing tonight but it is tied." That was quickly followed by score updates... 6-4 Rays, then 7-4, then finally 8-4. By the time the game ended, the final score ended up being 8-5, as the Holly Rays avenged an earlier 11-4 loss to the Lake Fenton 3 team. All in all a good game, and they move on to play again on Tuesday, June 18th, against the Holly Reds, whom the Rays beat earlier this season in an "exhibition" game.

Playoff Game 1 - at Lake Fenton 3

Samantha in her ready position at second base.

Sam ready to hit during an early at-bat.

Sam laughing with her coach on first base after being walked.

Sam keeping an eye on the pitcher and catcher while leading off from second base, hoping to get a good jump to steal third base.

Sam adjusting her cap after successfully making it to third base.


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