Softball All-Star Game 1

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July 11th, 2013              

    Like the baseball team that Samantha played on this year, the girls softball team also participates in a league called Quadtown, which is made up of surrounding communities to provide an opportunity for the older kids to play baseball (necessitated as more and more kids move to travel ball as they age instead of sticking with the little league). Since the girls softball team was unable to field enough girls for their All-Star Tournament this season, Sam was asked to play with them. Although I thought that she would hesitate to play, since she wasn't sure if she knew any of the girls, she jumped at the opportunity to help out.

    Their game was originally scheduled for July 9th, and if they won they would play again on the 11th. Weather conditions changed that, and the game was pushed back to the 11th, meaning that a victory would result in a double-header. Unfortunately that really never came into play, as the girls took a beating against a combined Linden All-Star team. The score stayed close for an inning or two, but then Linden pulled ahead by such a large margin that I lost track of the final score. Samantha was pretty nervous about this game, despite the fact that she played very well in her one and only practice with the team. She misplayed a couple of balls while playing shortstop, and was hitless at the plate. She did get walked once, and she had a couple of nice hits that went just foul. I think if the stuck with it that she would succeed at this sport, but she came off the field more determined than ever to continue playing baseball.

    Although she had a rough game - as did the entire team - Samantha was awarded the game ball for her efforts tonight. Without her, they would not have had enough players and would have been forced to forfeit the game, so the coaches were appreciative of her giving her all. Congrats Sammie!

Softball All-Star Game 1 - vs. Linden

Samantha watching a pitch bounce in around her ankles.

Sam ready for a good pitch.

Samantha played the entire game at shortstop tonight. Her entire team sported the protective headgear that she is wearing in this picture.

Sam watching as a runner comes to second base.

Sam in position at shortstop.

Sam watching the catcher try to chase down a past ball as the runner steals third base.

Sam eyeing a pitch...

...and taking a big rip...

...but watching as it lands in foul territory down the first base line.

Sam on first base after getting walked.

Sam taking a lead after the pitch was delivered.

Sam making her way to second base on a past ball behind the catcher.

Sam on second base.

Sam easing in to third base.

Sam with a lead on third base.

Sam back on the bag as the pitcher makes her throw home.

Sam in position at shortstop once again.

Sam looking for another pitch to hit.


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