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October 16th, 2013              

    Once again the girls came out for the opening tip off sluggish. They managed to dig an early hole that they were unable to climb out of, despite several frantic attempts to do so. Like some other games, the referees did them no favors today, putting the Clio team in the bonus (free throw attempts after 6 fouls) early in each half, while we struggled to get calls to go our way throughout. Again, that wasn't the only reason the girls struggled to their second loss in a row. They didn't seem to move well on offense, and they missed too many shots - Samantha included. She had a lot of open looks at 15-18' jump shots, but she was unable to knock them down today. She did get to the free throw line twice, missing her first two attempts before coming back and sinking her next two. The Bronchos also struggled with the height of the Clio team (#33 in particular), as height is something that you can't teach and we are sorely lacking.

    There is only one game remaining, a rematch against the Linden team who beat the Bronchos by one point in Linden the last time these two teams met. Here's hoping for a better outcome this time around...

Game 11 - at Clio Carter Middle School

Samantha had to face a much taller girl during today's opening tip-off.

Sam was in good position while playing defense on a fast break.

Sam looked ahead to an open teammate while on their own fast break.

Sam dribbling the ball up the court.

Sam and a teammate trapping an opposing player on defense.

Sam leaping up for a rebound.

Sam making a move around her defender...

...and rising up for a shot.

Sam shooting from the free throw line extended.

Sam grabbing the ball in a crowded lane.

Sam lining up another jump shot...

...and following through.

Sam contesting a shot by an opposing player.

Sam lining up a shot from just outside the free throw line.

Sam contesting another shot on defense.

Sam driving down the lane...

...and taking a floating jumper.

Sam shooting a free throw.

Sam inbounding the ball to a teammate.

The final score for today's game was a 29-19 loss for the Bronchos.


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