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September 16th, 2013              

    After struggling mightily in their first game, the girls came out determined not to do the same today. In fact, they dominated from the start. Although Samantha didn't do much scoring today, the team didn't need her to shoulder the load either. They held healthy leads at each of the breaks, including 7-0 after the first quarter, 13-3 at halftime, and 23-4 after three quarters. By the time the game was done, the Bronchos had won their first game of the season by a score of 25-6. Sam scored 2 points, but had good looks on a couple of other shots that she probably should have made. Her biggest contribution today came on the defense end. Although I didn't count, she must have had at least 10 steals today (likely more). She was all over the place on the defensive end of the court today. I am very proud of the effort that she put it - it is proof that you don't need to score to have a positive effect on the game for your team.

Game 2 - at Swartz Creek Middle School

Samantha in the lane playing defense.

Sam heading out on a fast break.

Sam watching her shot.

Sam and her teammates getting some direction from their coach during a Swartz Creek timeout.

Sam taking another shot.

Sam dribbling down the court after making a steal.

Sam going for the layup.

Sam guarding an opposing player.

Sam looking for an open teammate while dribbling around the corner.

Sam guarding the inbounds pass...

...and getting the steal!

Sam dribbling at the top of the key.

Sam dribbling down the court after another steal.

Sam going for a layup.

Sam and her teammates in defensive position.

Samantha moving past her teammates pick.

Sam diving and fighting for a loose ball.

Sam inbounding the basketball...

...and getting the pass past the defender.

The final score, a 25-6 victory for the Bronchos!


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