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September 18th, 2013              

    Samantha and her Bronchos teammates fell behind early in this game, but managed to stay the course and battle to take the lead. In fact, they held on to the lead through the rest of the game, though there were some tense moments at the end as Clio pulled close. Sam struggled today on offense, turning the ball over more times than she should have - mostly due to mental lapses like dribbling in to the corner and by making bad passes. Thankfully she didn't let her offensive struggles affect her defense, which remained strong. And best of all, her offensive struggles didn't cost the team, as they held on for a 23-20 victory, moving them to 2-1 on the season.

Game 3 - vs. Clio Carter Middle School

Despite not being the tallest girl on the team, Samantha once again got the call for the jump ball to start the game.

Sam trying to get rebounding position against the tallest girl on the court.

Sam dribbling up the court after rebounding a missed shot.

Sam trying to get her hand on a Clio pass.

Sam dribbling up the court once again.

Sam driving towards the lane...

...and then pulling up for a jumper.

Sam driving towards the lane once again.

Sam trying to get by a much taller defender.

Sam dribbling towards the half court line.

Sam posting up on offense, looking for an open teammate.

Sam taking and making a jump shot.

Sam listening to her coach while she sat on the bench for the last few seconds of the game.

The final score, a 23-20 victory for the Bronchos!


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