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September 23rd, 2013              

    Samantha and her Bronchos teammates tipped off another game, this time against the Brandon Middle School team. After falling behind 4-0 early in the game, the girls got it together to take a 6-0 lead by the end of the first quarter. They expanded their lead to 12-4 at halftime thanks to some good defense and some quality offense on their behalf. The Brandon team came out pumped up in the third quarter, however, holding the Bronchos to just one point while drawing within 2, with the Bronchos still leading, but only by a score of 13-11. After letting Brandon tie up the game, the girls finally started finding the bottom of the net once again, finally settling in for a 21-15 victory. Sam got her first three point and free-throw attempts in this game, but unfortunately she didn't make any of them. She did score a basket, however, and played her usual strong defense throughout. Way to go Bronchos!

Game 4 - vs. Brandon Middle School

Samantha inbounding the ball to her teammate.

Sam grabbing a loose rebound.

Sam driving around the defense.

Sam setting a screen for her teammate.

Sam taking an open shot along the baseline.

Sam dribbling the ball up the court after grabbing a rebound.

Sam setting another screen.

Samantha grabbing another rebound.

Sam getting ready to pass ahead to an open teammate.

Samantha getting ready to run a play on offense.

Sam inbounding the ball.

Sam taking her first three point attempt of the year...

...and the follow through.

Sam shooting her first free-throw attempt of the year.

Sam set for her second free-throw attempt (unfortunately they both missed).

Sam and her teammates (most of them, anyway) getting some late game instructions from her teammate.

Sam and her teammates getting into defense position while trying to close out the game.

Sam on the offensive end of the court (I just liked the picture).

Sam dribbling the ball around late in the game.

Sam focused on defense.

Sam getting high-fives from her coach when exiting the game.

The final score, a 21-15 victory, the third in a row for the Lady Bronchos!


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