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September 25th, 2013              

    For the first time Samantha won the opening tip in a basketball game (she has participated in the opening jump ball in four of the five games so far)! That has to be a good sign, right? It sure seemed to be, as the girls played great defense throughout, and after a slow first quarter - they only score 4 points, and they were in the last 90 seconds - they broke out on offense as well. Samantha didn't have her best game offensively, as she didn't score again (she had some really nice looks at the basket, but her shots were just off the mark - except for a wide open layup that she just shot too hard), but as always she was relied upon for some strong defense. All of the girls played extremely well today, and the hard work earned them victory #4 in a near shutout with a 23-3 victory. Lapeer only managed to score in the last 2 minutes of play, when the Bronchos were busy getting some of the new team members some playing time (two girls have been added to the team in the past few days). Great job girls!

Game 5 - at Lapeer Zemmer Middle School

Samantha (#11) and her fellow starters lined up after being introduced to the crowd.

Sam dribbling around three defenders.

Sam passing the ball out to a teammate.

Sam playing the center position on defense.

Sam dribbled the ball while standing up. Had she not dribbled, she would have been called for travelling.

Sam catching a pass from a teammate.

Sam on the sideline, waiting to reenter the game.

Sam shooting a shot.

Sam dribbling the ball up the court.

Sam moving in for an open layup on a fast break after making a steal.

Sam playing good defense.

Sam did her best to get a hand in the face of the shooter, although it wasn't really necessary. She is a good 4-feet or so outside the three-point line, and the shooting form isn't close to ideal. Most of this girl's long shots were airballs.

Sam dribbling across the top of the key late in the game.

Sam taking a shot.

Samantha with another shot from the free-throw line extended area.

The final score, a 23-3 victory that was nearly a shutout. A made free-throw broke that possibility, and an iffy call on a basket late in the game gave the Lapeer girls their point total for the day.


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