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October 2nd, 2013              

    Although I missed the first couple of minutes of today's game due to traffic, I could gather from the scoreboard that I hadn't missed much. The Bronchos were leading by a score of 1-0, and the play was sloppy at best from what I could see when I arrived. Today marked the 7th game of the season, which means that teams could start utilizing the full-court press. Linden took full advantage of that fact, which caught the Broncho team off guard. While they did an admirable job handling it for the most part, it did cause some unnecessary turnovers along the way. The game was back and forth for the most part, with Linden leading 4-1 after the first quarter. Holly came out blazing in the second quarter offensively, and managed to grab a 12-9 lead going into halftime. The third quarter is where the wheels fell off a bit, as the girls from both teams really struggled with their shooting. Linden managed to reclaim the lead, taking a 13-12 lead into the final frame. Both teams had opportunities to put the other team away in the fourth, but neither could do it. Each team managed 6 points, and that was all as the Bronchos fell for the second time this year, this time by a score of 19-18.

    Samantha continues to struggle from the field, as she missed a couple of fast-break layups today as well as some tough jump shots. In fairness, her jump shot wasn't missing by much, by the layups are a point of concern. Anybody can miss, but hers have been way off lately. She still is working extremely hard on the defensive end, getting her hands on the ball and deflecting and stealing passes quite a bit. Her ballhandling was good today as well, so she is doing things to make up for her lack of scoring while she is on the court. Overall, it was a well played game by Sam and her teammates, but they just missed too many free-throws and shots to seal another victory.

Game 7 - at Linden Middle School

Samantha guarding the opposing player with her arms out.

Sam driving the lane for a layup attempt.

Sam shooting over the outstretched arms of a defender.

Sam doing her best to get her hands on the ball to knock it free.

Sam driving for another open layup attempt...

...before the opposing players caught up to her.

Sam concentrating on defense.

Samantha lined up on the free throw line, looking for a rebound.

Sam tipping a pass from the opposing team.

Sam racing to a loose ball.

Sam dribbling down the court, looking to lead a fast break.

Sam leaping high into the air to catch a pass.

Sam shooting a three pointer.

Sam keeping her eyes on the ball.

Sam using her body to shield the defender as she dribbles the ball up the court.

Sam getting around her defender...

...and taking a long two-point shot.

The final score, a tough 19-18 defeat for the Bronchos.


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