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October 9th, 2013              

    I'm not 100% certain, but it seemed as though the girls thought today's game was going to be a cakewalk based on the last time these two teams met. The Bronchos started out sluggish, falling behind early before rallying a bit. They still trailed 7-6 after the first quarter, however. The 7 points that Swartz Creek scored represented more points than they scored (6) in the first game between these two teams! Fortunately Holly woke up a bit in the second quarter, tightening down on defense and getting some fast break points to get their offense started. At halftime they had secured a 19-10 lead that they would never give up. The rest of the game was more of the same for the Bronchos, as their defense led to their offense. They wound up pulling away, earning a 36-17 victory, snapping their two game losing streak. They also set a season high for points scored today with 36, breaking their previous high of 27.

    Samantha continues to play well overall, though today she got more time on the bench than usual. I'm not sure if that was a reflection of her play, or of the play of today's opponent (meaning the coach saw it as an opportunity to get some other girls playing time, as all of the starters got more time on the bench today that usual). She broke her scoring drought today by finally getting a jump shot to fall, along with several others that were in and out, missing by just inches. She continues to play good defense as well, although out of position - Sam is definitely not tall enough to qualify as a center by any stretch of the imagination. She does fight hard for rebounds, which is part of the reason she plays there, I'm sure.

Game 9 - vs. Swartz Creek Middle School

Once again Samantha call the call on the opening tip-off.

Sam running down the court after her team gained possession of the ball.

Sam driving around a couple of defenders into the lane...

...and firing up a running shot.

Sam finding a teammate open down low with a pass.

Sam setting a screen for her teammate.

Sam playing full court pressure defense.

Sam inbounding the ball after a Swartz Creek basket.

Sam playing defense in the middle of the lane.

Samantha ready to check back into the game.

Sam inbounding the ball once again.

Sam playing pressure defense as the opposition attempts to inbounds the ball.

Sam was focused on the game while on the court, and didn't mind telling her teammates when they were out of position.

Sam taking a jump shot from the free-throw line area.

Another jump shot for Samantha.

Sam lined up on the lane, looking for a rebound in case her teammate missed the free-throw.

The final score for today's game was a 36-17 victory for the home team, the Holly Bronchos.


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