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    Samantha missed her team's game last week because we were out of town for Drew's hockey jamboree, but they didn't need her - they pulled out a victory without her. It looked like this weeks game was going to be another victory, as Sam and her teammates jumped out to a large early lead. It didn't really last, though, as the game was 12-10 at halftime, with the good guys (and girls) in the lead. The second half was another story altogether, as it was the opposition who came out strong, opening up a 20-13 lead with less than two minutes to go (yes, that's right - Sam's team scored 1 point in the first 18 minutes of the second half!). A late surge made the game close, but in the end it wasn't enough, as they fell by a score of 20-18.

    Sam played well enough today. She did a better job of not forcing passes that were easily intercepted by the opposition, although there was at least one instance that she could have prevented. She didn't score today, although she passed up some good open looks that she probably should have taken. She did play good defense, however. She continues to stick closely to her man, or play in the right spot and help when needed when her team is playing a zone defense.

    Next game... playoffs!

Game 5 - vs. Hot Shots Photography

Samantha dribbling the ball up the court, setting up the offense.

Sam receiving a pass from a teammate.

Sam lobbing a pass to an oncoming teammate in the lane.

Sam was all hustle today, diving after loose balls - here she forced a jump ball.

Sam getting ready to pass the ball to her teammate.

Sam applying good pressure defense along the baseline.

Sam bringing the ball up the court once again.

Sam dribbling around the three-point line.

Sam firing up a long two-point shot.

Sam concentrating on getting a rebound as her opponent prepares to shoot a free throw.

Sam bringing the basketball up the court in the second half.

Another shot of Sam dribbling the basketball.

Sam playing good defense once again.

Sam shooting the ball once more.

Another shot from Sam.

Sam trying to stop the opposition from getting up the court, but...

...the opposition decided to cop a feel instead!

The final score, a 20-18 loss after leading for most of the game.


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