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September 8th, 2013              

    The La Forza U13 girls played their first regular season game on Sunday, September 8th. This year their home games are played on the artificial turf of Fenton High School. Samantha started the game in net, and stayed there until midway through the second half. Although this is her preference, at this point there isn't really a lot that can be done. Until another girls steps up as willing to play goal keeper, Sam will continue to have to carry that burden.

    The girls played a strong game today for the most part, particularly in the first half. They controlled the play for most of the half, and entered halftime with a 1-0 lead. The second half started out strong as well, as they secured a 2-0 lead on a put-back goal early in the half. Unfortunately the girls couldn't maintain their momentum, allowing two goals to tie the game up. At least one of the goals was misplayed by Sam, while the other would have been a tough play regardless of her positioning. At the end of the day the 2-2 draw isn't the worst score in the world. Next time let's hang on to that lead, girls!

Game 1 - vs. Mid Michigan Elite MESA Momentum 01

Samantha started in goal for today's game.

Here is Sam scooping up the ball before it rolls out of bounds.

Sam drop kicking the ball down the field.

Sam performing a goal kick.

Sam kicking the ball down field once again.

Sam running to the sideline at halftime.

Samantha (white shirt) and her teammates on the bench at halftime.

Sam in goal during the second half.

Sam in net as the opposition takes a penalty shot.

Sam keeping her eye on the ball and moving into position to make the save.

Sam passing the ball to her teammate from the goal area.

Sam ran down the field to kick this ball away.

Sam got a touch out of position on this shot attempt.

Later in the second half Sam was finally able to take the field.

Sam watching as the ball sails through the air.

Sam getting her foot on the ball to knock it out of the air.

Sam battling an opposing player for the ball.

Sam getting position on the opposition in an attempt to keep them from the ball.


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