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September 15th, 2013              

    The La Forza U13 girls played game #2 today, and did so in a steady rain in cool weather. For the second game in a row the girls played a strong, aggressive first half. They managed to take the early lead on a shot that probably should have been stopped, and they held on to that one goal lead into halftime. Coming out of half Samantha got a break from goal keeping duties, getting some time in at forward. She was on the field when her team scored again, giving them a 2-0 lead that seemed good enough to hold up for the rest of the game. Unfortunately after that particular shot when in, the La Forza girls seemed to coast a bit, and the opposition put a ton of shots on net for the rest of the game. They managed to get one past our substitute keeper, making the game 2-1. After that Sam was put back in goal for the remainder of the game. The girls held on to the 2-1 lead into the closing minutes, when a handball by our team inside the goalie box resulted in a penalty kick. Unfortunately Sam was unable to get to the shot on time, tying things up at 2 goals apiece. The La Forza girls got a boost of energy after that, but were unable to get another shot into the back of the net.

    So, for the second game in a row the girls had to settle for a 2-2 draw after leading the game 2-0. One day they will learn to hold on to these leads!

Game 2 - vs. Michigan Rush Downriver 02G

Samantha in goal once again.

Sam in position to stop a close in shot.

Sam drop-kicking the ball down the field.

Sam reaching for a ball on a corner kick as her teammates are there to knock it away.

Sam reaching over to scoop up a shot.

Sam kicking the ball...

...down the field.

Samantha reaching for a save.

Sam cradling a shot on goal.

Sam in position to stop another shot.

Sam diving through a crowd to get to the ball.

Sam misplayed this one, but watched as it sailed wide of the net.

Sam tried her best to chase this ball down towards the side of the net once she got a chance to play in the field.

Sam moving in to challenge the opposing player for the ball.

Sam driving the ball down the field with two defenders doing their best to stop her.

Sam ended up going back in goal later on.

Sam kicking the ball away once again.

Sam in position to make the save.

Sam came out of the box to kick this ball away from the oncoming players.

Sam couldn't quite reach this penalty kick, which tied the game at 2 goals apiece.


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