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September 22nd, 2013              

    This game started off ugly and never really improved (well, very much anyway). Samantha started in goal once again, but she definitely didn't have her best day in net today. She let in four first half goals, some of which she should have been able to get a hand on at least. Granted, the defense did little to help her out today, constantly letting players dribble past them into a one on one situation with Sam in net. By the time the La Forza girls finally managed to figure out how to attack the Livonia team, it was too late. They did manage one first half goal, making the score 4-1, and one second half goal to bring the final to 4-2, but it was nowhere near enough. The next game is a rematch between these same two teams, so hopefully they will come out a little stronger next time!

Game 3 - at Livonia YMCA Lightning 01

Samantha picking up one of her easier saves of the day.

Sam watching as the action unfolds down the field.

Sam watched carefully as this ball went past the net and out of bounds.

Sam making a save in traffic.

Sam rolling the ball out to a teammate.

Sam misjudged this ball...

...and watched as it got behind her and into the net.

Sam jumped as high and reached as far as she could, but she couldn't stop this shot from sailing over her.

Samantha rolling the ball out to a teammate once again.

Sam challenging the offense from her keeper position.

Sam running out to kick the ball away before the opposition could get to it.

Another look at Sam kicking the ball away.

Sam kicking the ball down the field once again.

Sam trying to get to the ball in traffic.

Sam challenging another player with the ball outside of the net.

Sam kicking the ball...

...and watching it sail down the field.

After the game, the team lined up for a picture to be used on the La Forza website. Sam is laying down on the right in this photo.


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