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September 29th, 2013              

    Despite being a rematch between the same two teams that played last weekend, today's game nearly represented a complete 180 in how things went on the field. Also, despite being told that she wouldn't be playing in goal today, Samantha once again started the game in net for the La Forza team. She played fairly well, and as soon as her team gave her a two goal lead she was relieved of her duties as other girls began substituting in and out of the net. Speaking of those two goals... they both came on plays where the opposing team's goal keeper came way out of her net to try and play the ball, and both times she just missed winning that battle. Fortunately for the La Forza team, they were able to knock the ball into the back of the net, providing them with a 2-0 lead at halftime. Remember how I said this game was a lot like the last matchup between these two teams, but in reverse? Well, that held true for the second half as well. Despite an occasional push by the La Forza girls, the Livonia team controlled most of the action. Thankfully the defense was up to the task, and the girls who found themselves in net did a decent job, limiting the opposition to just one goal. It could have been much worse, but the girls played hard and held on for their first win of the season. Way to go La Forza!

    On a side note, Samantha continues to be moved all over the field. In addition to her opening stint in goal, she played defense for the first time since her AYSO days as well as spending some time at midfield. If nothing else, she will be well rounded!

Game 4 - vs. Livonia YMCA Lightning 01

Samantha getting ready to start her goal kick...

...and following through on that kick.

Sam scooping up the ball with her defensive teammates surrounding her.

Sam preparing to drop-kick the ball...

...down the field to her awaiting teammates.

Sam kneeling down to make another save.

Sam in position to grab this shot out of the air.

Sam picking up a shot wide of the net.

Sam guarding an opposing player while playing defense.

Sam doing a sideline throw-in.

Sam dribbling the ball up the field while playing defense.

Samantha dribbling the ball across the midfield line.

Sam fighting for the ball against two opposing players.

Sam dribbling the ball towards the net...

...faking out number 2...

...and passing the ball across the middle to an open teammate.

Sam dribbling the ball towards the corner during an offensive rush...

...and crossing the ball to the middle, hoping a teammate will be able to knock it into the net.

Sam preparing for another sideline throw-in...

...and sending the ball into the field of play.

Sam lining up a big kick.

Sam throwing the ball in once again.


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