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October 5th, 2013              

    Today's game was a total stinker, from start to finish. The girls just didn't seem to be very interested in playing soccer today, and I don't really know why. Perhaps it was the long drive to the game (which for us was made even longer due to traffic issues, causing us to arrive after the game had started), or maybe it was the dreary weather, but whatever it was it seemed to affect the La Forza girls much more than the other team. I really don't have a lot to report about this game, as the girls were pretty much dominated from start to finish. Samantha played in the field for the first half (as I said, we were late, so someone else had to start in goal today) before moving into the net in the second half. While she made some saves, she also let in some goals that both Tara & I thought that she could have given more effort to try and stop. It wouldn't have mattered anyway, as the Rush team scored a goal as we were arriving, and it turns out that the one goal would have been enough to secure their team a victory. As it was, the final score wound up being 4-0, so all the other goals were just icing on the cake.

Game 5 - vs. Michigan Rush Downriver 02G

Samantha running back to her defensive position.

Sam performing a sideline throw-in after the ball went out of bounds.

Sam lining up a kick...

...and following through.

Sam doing another throw-in.

Yet another throw in, this time with a soft lob to an open teammate nearby.

Samantha getting her hands on the ball.

Sam misplayed the ball, but lucked out as it rolled wide of the net and out of bounds.

Sam performing a drop kick after making a save...

...and watching the ball as it heads toward the middle of the field.

Sam reaching out to make a save.

Sam rolling the ball out to an open teammate.

Sam drop kicking another ball.

Sam going out wide to scoop up the ball.

Sam making another save in front of the net.

Sam doing another drop kick.

Sam doing a goal kick (for when the other team knocks the ball out of bounds on the end line).

Sam couldn't quite get to this ball, letting in a goal.


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