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October 20th, 2013              

    After a rough start to the morning in our personal household, things seemed to be that way at the field too. Not only did Samantha forget to bring her yellow jersey (which is of course the one that they would need to wear today), but so did one of her teammates. Thankfully the teammate's mom was able to get her jersey, but we were already lady arriving so Sam didn't have that option today. Fortunately for her she is a goalkeeper, so she told the coach that she would play in net the entire game. She actually had a pretty good game in net today for a change, so no complaints from me on that one. After letting in an early goal (with no defensive help), she stepped up and helped keep her team in the game. They managed to go in to halftime tied 1-1. La Forza grabbed the lead in the second half briefly, but once again they left an open player on the back side of the net and Sam couldn't quite make the save despite getting her hands on the ball as she dove to her left. Both teams tried their best, but neither of them were able to score again, ending the game in a 2-2 draw. One last game for the girls to try to win next weekend... go La Forza!

Game 7 - vs. Chelsea 01 Bulldogs Girls Blue

Sam lining up a goal kick after the ball went out of bounds...

...and following through.

Sam going down to make a save.

Sam kicking the ball away after a save...

...and watching the ball fly down the field.

Sam making another save...

...and coming out of the net to kick it away.

Sam drop kicking the ball down the field.

Sam lining up another goal kick.

Sam running off the field at halftime.

Sam scooping up a shot on goal in the second half.

Sam drop-kicking the ball away.

Sam dove and got her finger tips on the ball, deflecting it slightly but not enough to keep it out of the net.

Sam kicking the ball away once again.


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