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October 26th, 2013              

    The girls came out sluggish today, and by the time they found some energy and got their feet under them they were already trailing 2-0. Samantha started in goal, and she didn't do her team any favors either. She got her fingertips on the first goal, but not enough to deflect the ball away from the net. The second goal happened as she charged out of the net after the ball, but the opposing player beat her to it... as they collided on the field the ball dribbled into the net for a two goal cushion. From then on out both Sam and her teammates played better, but not good enough to tie the game up. They managed to play the rest of the game even, but the end result was a 2-0 loss, leaving the girls with two wins, three draws, and three losses on the season. Samantha is not playing the next indoor session of soccer, and the girls will be getting a new coach after that, so only time will tell how much further they develop and how things will happen from that point on.

Game 8 - at MPSA Crush 2001 MFG

Samantha started today's game in goal.

Sam was able to get her fingertips on this ball, but little else as it got behind her for goal #1.

Samantha charged out of the net to challenge this shot...

...but didn't get there in time as the ball managed to get into the net behind her for goal #2 as she collided with the opposing player.

Sam was ready to face all of the remaining shots that she faced, however.

Here is Sam looking on as the action takes place down the field.

Sam reaching down to make a save.

Sam kicking the ball down the field.

Samantha moved to defense in the second half. Here she is turning the ball around...

...and challenging a defender with it.

Sam running down the field towards the action.

Sam putting pressure on an opposing player as she tries to get past Sam.

Sam helping position her teammates on the field.

Sam kicking the ball down the field on defense.

Sam settling the ball down in front of her.

Sam passing the ball back to her teammate.

Sam kicking the ball once again.

Sam dribbling the ball down the field.


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