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April 28th, 2013              

    There aren't many pictures from today's game because there was a downpour during the game that Tara & I were completely unprepared for... no umbrellas, no tent, no anything. So, I sat with the camera tucked under my sweatshirt for most of the game. Samantha started today's game playing mid, but she was unable to score despite getting a couple of decent looks. She moved to goal in the second half, but quickly gave up a couple of goals, which tied the game. In the process of attempting to make the saves, she aggravated her knee (which she had deeply bruised the prior week at school and which required her to skip several practices to recover). She came out of the game for a while, but went back in and played much better. Unfortunately she let in the final tying goal late in the game on a very poorly called trip, which resulted in a penalty shot that she did her best to stop, but the ball glanced off her fingertips and into the net. Shortly thereafter the ref blew the whistle, and the game ended in a 5-5 tie.

Game 1 - at Chill SBC 01 Girls White

The best picture of the day was before the rain came, of Samantha warming up against a teammate.

Sam got a chance to do a corner kick...

...but the rain made it hard on everyone today.


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