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April 28th, 2013              

    We were much more prepared for the rain this evening, as Samantha and her La Forza teammates played a makeup game against the Chelsea team. Unfortunately the all-day rain had an affect on everything, and the girls for both teams looked sluggish and miserable. Both teams had goals disallowed on offsides calls, and the game deciding goal came on a shot that she normally would have secured easily. Unfortunately for her, the rain made everything extremely slippery, including the ball, and it slipped through her fingers and into the net. That lone goal resulted in a 1-0 loss for La Forza.

Game 2 - vs. Chelsea 01 Bulldogs Girls Blue

Samantha passing the ball to a teammate.

Sam kicking the ball towards the net.

Sammie getting into position for a pass (that never came back to her, despite her being open).

Sam got to do a corner kick in the pouring rain...

...which made it difficult for her to elevate the ball.

Sam forgot her goalie shirt today, so she had to borrow one from a teammate.

Here Sam safely scooped up the ball...

...and kicked it away.

This shot on goal is normally a routine save for Sam...

...but today it slipped through her fingers...

...and despite her diving attempt found it's way into the net.

Sam doing a goal kick...

...and following through.

Here is snap making another save from the ground.


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