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May 5th, 2013              

    The girls traveled to Ann Arbor today to face the MPSA Crush team. Unfortunately, that is what they did to the La Forza girls. Samantha started in goal, and wound up giving up three in the first half. Her defense did little to help her out, which has been a recurring theme so far this season, but she probably should have stopped at least one of the goals if not two of them. Those three goals were all that were scored during the course of the game, and that was only because our other goalkeeper was forced to make some spectacular saves to keep the other team off the scoreboard. We never really came close to scoring, and the consistent pushing and shoving that some of the girls on our team think is the proper way to play really costs their team some chances. By the time it was all over, we had earned one yellow card (the second player to earn one on this team - I am really getting tired of this) and had lost the game 3-0.

Game 3 - at MPSA Crush 2001 LTG

Before the game the girls were all smiles.

Samantha started in goal, and she had a rough go of it today. Here she is doing a goal kick...

...and the follow through.

Sam doing a drop kick after making a save...

...and the follow through.

Sam reaching over to scoop up a ball before anyone gets a chance to kick it towards the net.

Samantha watching during one of the rare occasions the ball was on the opposite end of the field.

Sam doing another goal kick...

...and the follow through.

Sam chasing after a ball that found it's way out of bounds.

Sam doing a corner kick...

...and the follow through.

Sam doing her best to get around a much taller player...

...before finally getting around.

Sam throwing in the ball from the sideline...

...and the follow through.

Sam controlling a ball in her own defensive end...

...and dribbling it down the field.

Sam taking a shot on goal...

...but it was deflected out front and sailed wide of the net.


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