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May 6th, 2013              

    I can honestly say that tonight was a first. While I wasn't at the game, I can say that I was actually thankful that I wasn't. Not only were the La Forza girls pushing on the field tonight, but it spilled over into the crowd where some of the parents from each team were yelling and pushing. This behavior earned our coach a yellow card, and some pissed off parents (Tara & I to name just two) and players (both of the goalkeepers, to name two more). Even though the La Forza team won the game, it was a victory that nobody should feel proud of. Samantha made us proud tonight, however, as she apologized to every member of the opposing team, coaches included, during the handshake line. She apologized to the opposing coach once again in the parking lot. This act brought tears to my eyes when I heard about. What a great kid that Tara & I have been blessed with. I know that Sam and the other goalkeeper, who played together on the "other" La Forza U12 team last year but were left behind this season, were not taught to play the way that this team plays. Samantha wanted to walk off the field, and Tara & I have given her our blessing to do so in the future. In fact, tonight's game may have been her last ever in a La Forza uniform if this situation is not addressed. We pay good money for her to play, and this is not the lesson that we want her to learn by being on a team. Losing can be tolerated if there is growth in the players, and they are learning the right way to play and having fun. Winning in this manner cannot be tolerated by any means necessary. There will be discussions taking place with the people at La Forza, and their reactions will determine what happens in the future. Either way, great job Samantha. Your Mom & I are so proud of you and all that you represent. We love you with all of our hearts!

Game 4 - vs. Hartland United 01G

Samantha dribbling the ball around the defense.

Sam driving through two Hartland players with the ball.

Sam using her body to stop the ball.

Sam following through on a corner kick.

Sam gaining control of the ball after a long kick.

Sam driving towards the net with the ball.

Samantha moved into the goal in the second half.

Sam kicking the ball away after making a save.

Sammie doing a goal kick...

...where she didn't get much height on the ball.

Sam looking for an open teammate after scooping up the ball.

Sam kicking the ball away after making a save...

...and getting the ball high in the air.


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