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May 19th, 2013              

    In what was quite a reversal for the La Forza team, today's game was quite impressive on many fronts. First, the girls played together as a team for the first time in quite some time (excluding the Midland tournament - perhaps that was the start of something good for the girls). Second, they didn't resort to pushing and shoving during the game, and it was to their benefit. Third, the other team's coach faced the dreaded yellow card warning if he was unable to quiet down his team and their parents.

    On to the actual game play... Samantha and her teammates controlled the action for much of the game, and did a good job of limiting their opponents chances. While Sam didn't score today, she had a couple of shots on goal during her time in the field, and she also made some nice passes. She spent the second half of the game in goal, and she did an excellent job of stopping everything that came her way. The Taylor team did their best to put on a rush during the first 5 minutes of the second half, and nothing got through to the back of the net. By the time the game was over, the score resulted in a 3-0 victory for La Forza, and an opposing coach who refused to stop talking to the referee about the game. Great job girls! Two victories in a row!

Game 5 - vs. Taylor Soccer TSL Shock 01

Samantha and her teammates getting some coaching before the start of the game.

Sam passing the ball to her teammate in the corner...

...just before the rushing opponent could kick the ball away.

Sam performing a goal kick...

...and watching the ball head down the field.

Sam looking for an open teammate after making a save.


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