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June 1st, 2013              

    Today's game was a back and forth affair, and the final score didn't really reflect how competitive it was overall. The La Forza girls seemed to do a little bit better job on defense in limiting the Ann Arbor girls shots on goal, and they took advantage of their own opportunities when they were afforded their own shots on goal. Sam started out in the field today, and really impressed Tara & I with her footwork. She appeared to be motivated... possibly she wanted to make up for the fact that we drove all the way to Ann Arbor before she realized that she forgot her shoes? And that we had to go and buy a brand new pair, arriving at the field minutes before the game started? Possibly. She played in goal in the second half, and stopped every shot she faced. Overall it was a good game for both Sam and her La Forza teammates. The good day was sealed with a 3-1 victory, their third win in a row, moving them to 3-1-2 on the season. I hate to say it, but maybe the embarrassment of the "parent blow-up game" was good for this team...

Game 6 - at Ann Arbor United SC 01 Gold

Samantha managed to beat her opponent to the ball and dribble it down the field on this play.

Here is Sam dribbling the ball down the field once again.

Another shot of Sam dribbling the ball.

Sam passing the ball across the field to a teammate.

Sam helping out on defense by kicking the ball away from two opponents.

Sam scooping up a save away from the net.

Sam getting ready to drop-kick the ball down the field...

...and sending it on it's way.

Sam watching as the action takes place down the field.

Sam doing another drop kick after making a save.

Sam watching as the action takes place in front of her net.

Sam resting and watching the play take place in the opponents end.

Sam managed to get her hands on this hard kick...

...and knock it to the side of the net for the save.


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