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June 9th, 2013              

    Like yesterday's game, Tara & I were out of town so I don't have a lot of information to report. Samantha did report that she let in the lone goal in her team's 2-1 victory today, on a shot that she attempted to save but she was afraid that she was going to hit her head on the goal upright. All things considered, that goal wasn't the end of the world. Even the best let one past them once and a while. This game also concluded the season for the La Forza U12 White Ice team. Tryouts are next weekend, and anything could happen there...

Game 8 - vs. MPSA Crush 2001 LTG

Samantha with the ball in her arms after making a save.

Sam looking downfield at the ball she just kicked away.

Sam tracking the ball as it moves across the field.

Sam in position to make a save if the ball makes it's way through the crowd.

Sammie reaching over to scoop up the ball.

Sam trying to get open for her teammates in the middle of the field.

Sam watching after she kicked the ball down the field.

Sam trying to get the corner on her defender for a shot on goal.

Samantha (front left) and her teammates and coach posing for a season ending photo.

Sam (front right) and her teammates posing for a photo after getting their medals to end the year.


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