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    Samantha was really hoping that she would get the opportunity to start tonight's game in the field since she started out in goal during the last one. Well, she got her wish. Although I think that she would have been better off in net to start and in the field the second half, but who am I to say...? The girls started off strong, scoring the games first goal. They held on to that 1-0 lead into halftime, but that is where things began to change. Sam moved into net in the second half, and aside from two big miscues she played well. Both of those miscues cost the team goals, however. The first one Sam came way out of the net to play a ball, and she couldn't get back in time to stop the ball after a turnover. Her team bailed her out though, as they marched down to the other end to reclaim the lead. Later in the game Sam came out of the net to kick a ball away, but it sailed high into the air and an opposing player corralled it and kicked it in for the game tying goal. Despite a furious attempt at the end by the La Forza girls, that was all of the scoring for the day.

Game 2 - vs. MESA Motion

Samantha knocking a ball down out of the air...

...and dribbling down the field with it.

Sam getting off a long distance shot on goal.

Sam watching as the opposition performs a throw in.

Sam and a teammate converge on the goalkeeper looking for a rebound.

Sam had some nice corner kicks today.

Here is Sam knocking down another ball in the air...

...and watching as it bounces up.

Samantha started the second half of the game in goal.

Since the ball can't be kicked past the midfield line in the indoor game, most goalkeepers find it easier to throw the ball to an open teammate, Sam included.

Sam performing a goal kick.

Sam moving towards the edge of the goalie box to kick this ball away.


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