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April 18th, 2013              

    Once again I was unable to attend this game due to work, so I can't share much information about the game. I do know that Samantha and her teammates were able to clinch first place in their grouping at the Genesee Fieldhouse with tonight's win, so the girls were excited about that. They were less excited to be playing against third - THIRD! - grade girls tonight. While they were the team that was tied for first place heading into tonight's action, it says a lot about the level of competition the La Forza girls are facing right now. Considering what this costs us each year, I would expect the competition to be better... Anyway, congratulations to the entire La Forza Ice team on earning first place.

Game 7 - vs. WAZA North 03 Black

Samantha was in the middle of the crowd while fighting for the ball today.

Here is another shot of Sam battling the crowd.

Sam watching as the the ball heads her way.

Sam and her teammates protecting the net.

Sam giving her teammates direction on the play.

After moving to goal keeper in the second half, Sam had to make this save in front of a big group of players.

Sam had to dive to deflect this shot on goal, and her teammates were able to kick it away, preventing a goal.

Sam scooped up another save on this shot.

Sammie went down to a knee to make this save.

Sam getting ready to kick the ball away after making a save.


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