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November 13th, 2013              

    I still don't know a lot about the sport of volleyball, but I did some research to learn that a point can be scored regardless of who is serving. I also learned that it doesn't matter where along the end line you serve from, as long as you are completely behind it. Finally, at today's game I learned that you can serve underhand or overhand (at least at this age group), but that Samantha's coach prefers that they learn to serve overhand, even if it costs them some points (a tactic with which I am not entirely opposed).

    On to today's action... the first set was ugly for the Bronchos, as they fell behind big and were never able to narrow the gap. The second game was much closer, with the Holly girls coming out on top to tie the match at 1 game apiece. The final frame wasn't as close as we'd hoped for, as the Bronchos fell by a score of 25-19, giving the match victory to Linden 2-1. Sam (and her entire team) struggled in the first game, mis-hitting the ball out of bounds several times and struggling with her serve. The remainder of the game she (and the rest of the team) did much better. Sam went on a 4 or 5 point streak while serving, which was totally unexpected. She also did a better job of hitting the ball, either setting up her teammates or knocking it over the net. All in all not a bad day, despite the loss.

Game 2 - at Linden Middle School

Samantha ready for action at the start of the game.

Sam tossing the ball into the air for a serve...

...and watching the ball on her follow through.

Sam in position while waiting for the other team to serve.

Sam touching hands with her teammate so that they can switch positions after the serve.

Sam lobbing up another serve attempt...

...and leaning off to the side on the follow through.

A look at the team in action, with Sam on the far right.

Sam with her back turned so that she can more easily see where her teammates hit the serve.

Sam with another serve.

Another toss for a serve...

...with a better follow through this time.

Sam hitting the ball in the middle of the court.

Sam serving once again.

The final score of the third set, along with the match totals (in green, at the bottom).

Samantha and her Bronchos teammates in the handshake line after the game.


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