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December 2nd, 2013              

    I arrived a little on the late side today, so I don't have a complete recap of the first set. I do know that the Bronchos girls had build a 6-8 point lead in that set before letting it slip away. Set two was back and forth for most of the game before the Bronchos finally prevailed, and set three was mostly positive for the Lady Bronchos. They managed to secure the final two sets to win today's match 2-1. Samantha played better today overall, although there was still a few mishit balls (a problem that plagues the entire team, not just Sam). Her serves looked better overall today, and she managed to secure quite a few points for her team with well timed hits. Today's win was a great way to get back into action after a holiday layoff!

Game 5 - at Swartz Creek Middle School

Samantha and her teammate prepared to switch positions on the serve.

Sam tossing the ball into the air...

...before serving the ball over the net.

Sam setting up her teammates.

Sam lining up another serve...

...and watching the ball clear the net on her follow through.

Another serve for Sam.

Sam congratulating her teammate after the winning serve complete the come from behind victory.

Sam celebrating the win.


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