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December 4th, 2013              

    Samantha's team started out slowly today, losing the first set in short order. The second set was better, as they managed to build a big lead that they couldn't hold on to, losing the second game to seal the match for the Linden girls. The third and final set wasn't great for the Bronchos either, as they lost once again. Sam definitely didn't have her best game today, as she missed on several serve opportunities and her set-ups for teammates seemed to miss their mark. These struggles weren't limited to Sam though, as the whole team had issues throughout the match. Better luck next game girls!

Game 6 - vs. Linden Middle School

Samantha lining up a serve.

Sam called for this set, but...

...her teammate managed to knock it away (and out of bounds).

Sam setting up a teammate.

Sam and her teammate waiting to switch positions on the serve.

Sam lining up another serve...

...and hitting it squarely...

...and driving it over the net.

Here is another shot of Sam setting up a shot for her teammates.

Sam hitting the ball towards the net.

Sam leapt into the air to...

...drop this shot in for a point.


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