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July 13th, 2013              

    On the morning of July 13th we woke up early to make the drive to Lansing so that Tyler, Carlos, and I could participate in The Color Run. This is a 5K fun run where different colors are sprayed onto the runners at various points along the race. Although I wanted to participate in this run as a family, due to cost constraints it was limited to three of us this year. We were also joined by some friends of ours, Matt & Beth, and their children, Catelyn, Adam, and Jessica. Tara stayed behind and took pictures for us all.

The Color Run - Lansing

Tyler, Rodney, and Carlos standing in front of the capital building in Lansing.

A closer look at Tyler, Rod, and Carlos.

A remote controlled "helicopter" camera.

Carlos, Tyler, Rodney, Matt, Jessica, Beth, Adam, and Catelyn.

A Color Run pickup... the race was sponsored by Chevrolet.

A group of mustache fans than Samantha would envy!

Tara spotted some cool leg covers on these runners... or perhaps they forgot to shave and they dyed their hair instead?

The guy atop the start tower shot Color Run t-shirts and socks out of the air gun in his hand.

Our friend Matt is visible in this picture.

Rodney and Tyler making their way through the crowd near the starting line.

A better look at Tyler and Carlos.

The Color Run horse!

A bicycle taxi with start line flags.

Rodney and Tyler nearing the finish line!

Rodney, Tyler, and Carlos coming to the end of the race.

A look at the colors floating in the air near the finish line.

Lost of color packets were released at the finish line.

Another look at the dust created by the release of the color packets near the finish line.

Some race participants nearing the end of the race.

Drew, Rodney, Tyler, and Carlos after the race.

One last look at the color cloud.

Tyler needed a break once he found some shade to relax in.

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