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December 10th, 2013              

    Tyler's first game as a freshman basketball player took place at Kearsley High School against the Kearsley Hornets. Tyler didn't start, but he did see significant minutes in both halves. Tyler didn't score in today's game, but then again his team didn't really need his points, as they built a lead and never really looked back. In fact, the closest Tyler came to even attempting a shot was with less than 10 seconds remaining when he made a steal and led a fast break. Unfortunately there were two defenders breathing down his neck the whole way down the court, and Tyler could never quite gain full control of the ball and it wound up going out of bounds. Needless to say that his two points at the end of the game wouldn't have changed the outcome for either team, as the Holly Bronchos boys has secured their first victory of the season with a 59-25 win! Great job boys!

Game 1 - vs. at Kearsley High School

Tyler playing defense against his man down in the post.

Tyler dribbling the ball up the court after grabbing a rebound.

Tyler jumping up to bother his man on defense.

Tyler playing defense during the first half.

Tyler moving around on offense looking for a pass.

Tyler dribbling the ball across the top of the three-point arc.

Tyler with his hands in the face of his man while playing tight defense.

Tyler and a teammate waiting to check into the game in the second half.

Tyler in position on the edge of the lane during a free-throw attempt.

Tyler coming over to help out on defense.

Tyler getting the ball on offense...

...before dribbling across the court to hand it off to a teammate.

Tyler open on offense.

Tyler dribbling the ball to take some time off the clock late in the game.

Tyler made a steal and headed out on a fast break...

...but couldn't quite secure the ball while trying to outrace two defenders as the clock ticked down on a 59-25 Holly Bronchos victory!


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