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December 12th, 2013              

    There isn't much to say about today's game. The starters did a very poor job on defense, consistently letting the opposing players behind them for easy baskets. Unfortunately the coaches made few substitutions when those players made poor defensive choices, so the gap in the score only continued to grow. There were occasional substitutions made (I believe only two players though), but not enough in my opinion. I will never understand why coaches refuse to pull somebody who isn't doing their job (basketball isn't an offensive only game, you MUST play both ends of the court!) and give someone else a chance. What is the worst they can do? By the time Tyler finally got into the game, there was only 1:21 left on the clock. He managed to make a steal, grab a couple of rebounds, and get fouled twice in that time. He shot four free throws, making two, and attempted a three-point shot that sailed long. It didn't matter, because the entire effort was for naught, as his team was already far behind on their way to a 68-51 loss.

Game 2 - vs. Swartz Creek High School

Tyler shooting his first free throw (a make).

Tyler lining up his second free throw...

...and watching the follow through.

Tyler getting fouled after grabbing a rebound.

Tyler taking another free throw.

Tyler rising up for a three-point shot...

...and watching the follow through as his shot sailed long.

The final score, an ugle 68-51 defeat. No defense today...


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