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April 6th, 2013              

    Despite playing in the second of back-to-back games, the game between the Pioneers and Elite United may have been EU's best game of the season so far. It was back and forth for almost the entire game before the Pioneers finally managed to pull away in the last 2-3 minutes. Tyler struggled to start the game, but when he re-entered he created havoc with his defense. While Tyler said he scored 2 points in this game, I really don't recall the basket. Regardless, his biggest impact was his pressure defense late in the game. Unfortunately his team struggled to put the ball in the hoop late, and they wound up losing by 10, 38-28.

Game 6 - vs. Pioneers

Tyler waiting for the action to get underway at the start of the game.

Tyler waiting for a break in the action so he can get back on the court.

Tyler playing defense down low on the blocks.

Tyler getting his hands on a pass between two Pioneers players.

Tyler with the ball, surveying his options in the second half.

Tyler looking to make a move around an opposing player.

Tyler tipping a pass on defense.

Tyler pressuring his man, forcing a pass.

Tyler and his teammate forced a loose ball on this play...

...before trying to chase it down...

...but falling out of bounds before he could grab it.

Tyler getting his hands on the ball as his man dribbles up the court.

Tyler trying once again to knock away the ball...

...almost forcing a backcourt violation.

Tyler hoisting a wide open shot.

Tyler with his arms up trying to knock away a pass.

Tyler resting on the bench as the final few seconds elapse.

The final score, a closer than the final score 38-28 defeat.


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