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April 13th, 2013              

    This game may have represented the most disinterested that I have ever seen Tyler play. He missed the final practice before this game due to an abundance of schoolwork, something that Tara & I have placed a priority on for Tyler, so he didn't start like he has been for the past several games. I am not sure if that is what started his funk or not (although I am voting for it being caused by the late night of video gaming followed by the early rising for more video gaming this morning), but it was evident early on that his energy level was extremely low today. He finally made it into the game, made a bad pass followed by a pass that I thought was the right play despite his teammate not looking for the ball, and was promptly yanked from the game. This only deepened his foul mood. He did get a few other short bursts of action today, but nothing that amounted to any length of serious playing time. In the end it didn't matter, as he and his teammates were never really in the game, and lost by a score of 41-20.

Game 7 - vs. Pioneers

Tyler watching the start of the game from the bench.

Tyler with the ball, looking for an open teammate.

Tyler dribbling the ball out of pressure.

Tyler lined up for an inbounds play.

Tyler getting off a shot from the corner.

Tyler fighting for a rebound.

Tyler pressuring his man on defense.

Tyler with the ball on the wing.

Tyler passed to a teammate for an open shot.

The final score, another defeat - this time by a 41-20 score.


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