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April 13th, 2013              

    The Elite United boys had to pick themselves up from their loss in the first game of the day to turn around and immediately play their second game of the day. Tyler continued his lethargic play, and it showed in his playing time once again. There isn't really much to say, except that this was an ugly ball game. It took nearly 6 minutes before any points were scored, and it was a single point that came via an Almont free throw. There was still no offensive fireworks by the time the game was over, as both teams struggled to a final score of 31-20, pushing the Elite United team to 0-8 on the season.

Game 8 - vs. Almont Raiders 8

Tyler shooting a long two-point shot...

...which looked good based on his follow through, but not good enough to be a basket.

Tyler did a better job of boxing out than he usually does, at least on this particular play.

Here is another look at Tyler boxing out his man.

Tyler getting an open look, which resulted in another missed shot.

The final score, a 30-21 defeat.


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