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June 24th, 2013              

    Although I am back on a shift that would normally allow me to have seen tonight's game, I was instead in Lapeer watching Drew try out for a travel hockey team. While Tara took Tyler to the game, she didn't provide me with a lot of feedback on the action. I do know that Tyler's team managed to secure the victory in a close battle, 40-37. I was also told that Tyler somehow managed to get some more playing time today, even managing to sink a three-point shot (although there was some debate about this - Tyler and my Dad both thought that the basket counted as a three, Tara and Samantha both thought they only counted it as a long two-point shot). Either way, it was a good day for Tyler, and I am proud of him for persevering through all the tough times and standing tall!

Game 8 - vs. Linden Freshmen

Tyler moving across the lane while playing zone defense.

Tyler making a pass out of the corner.

Tyler firing up a three-point shot.

Tyler lining up along the lane while the opposition prepares to shoot a free throw.

Tyler running along the sideline.

Tyler hustling back to the other end of the court.

Tyler and his teammates during a timeout.

Tyler in the corner, looking to make a pass.

The final score, a 40-37 victory in their final game of the season, giving them a 7-3 record.


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