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June 17th, 2013              

    Since this game took place after Game 1, I also don't have much to add to this game's commentary. About all I know is that the Holly boys beat the Linden Freshman team by a score of 36-31. This is somewhat of an accomplishment for Tyler and his teammates, as they have struggled mightily against the Linden teams in the past.

Game 2 - at Linden Freshmen

Tyler open near the three-point line, looking for a pass from a teammate down low.

Tyler moving into position on offense.

Tyler lobbing a pass to a teammate.

Tyler getting in position to run an inbounds play.

Tyler directing a teammate on where to go on a certain play.

Tyler listening to directions from his coach on the sideline while waiting for the play to resume.

Tyler lined up on the box while an opponent prepares to shoot a free throw.

Tyler sitting on the bench.


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