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June 19th, 2013              

    Unfortunately I don't have much to commentary add for today's game, as I was missing out on the action while I was at work. I do know that the Holly boys beat the Chesaning Freshman team in a rematch by a score of 45-36. Beyond that, I have to let the pictures do the talking.

Game 5 - at Chesaning Freshmen

Tyler moving across the lane on defense.

Tyler gaining possession of the ball in the corner.

Tyler grabbing a rebound.

Tyler looking for an open teammate to pass the ball to.

Tyler passing the ball to a teammate after grabbing another rebound.

Tyler controlling the ball on a rebound.

Tyler protecting the basketball while looking for a teammate to pass to.

Tyler eyeing up a shot or a pass.

The final score, another victory, this time by a 45-36 score.


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