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June 21st, 2013              

    I finally got the opportunity to see Tyler's team play a game. Unfortunately for me, it wasn't their best game played to date, but they managed to pull out a victory against the younger Holly White team. Another bad part of being at the game was that I was roped into keeping score, which severely limited by ability to take photos. I thought that Tyler played decent today, but like the rest of the team he could have done better. I am not sure if they didn't take their opposition too seriously or what the issue was exactly, but in the end they managed to overcome their lack of focus to win 40-24.

Game 6 - vs. Holly White

Tyler and his teammates had to wear white shirts because they do not have an alternate jersey.

Tyler and a couple of his teammates in position while waiting for play to resume.

Tyler looking to make a move with the ball near the three-point line.


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