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June 24th, 2013              

    For the first time in 370 days, I was able to make a game without it being held on a weekend or being forced to take a vacation day! My return to first shift (I will be enjoying it for however long it lasts!) allowed me to catch a couple more of Tyler's games. Unfortunately I wasn't very happy with what I saw, as Tyler and a few of his teammates spent the majority of the game on the bench or, if they were put into the game briefly, were yanked as soon as they made a mistake while other players continually made mistake after mistake. I don't get the logic of not giving players a chance when the team is getting blown out by nearly a 2-1 margin in points, but that is exactly what happened. What made it worse in my eyes was that, while Tyler didn't play a perfect game by any stretch of the imagination, nor did he make any major glaring mistakes.

    My anger carried over into the second game tonight, which there is no pictures for so I will briefly touch on the action here, when the same type of game unfolded (another blowout loss, this time to a team that was substituting 5 players at a time and had at least 15 kids on the bench) and Tyler saw zero minutes on the court. I got so pissed off I had to leave the gym before I opened my mouth to the coach. And Tyler felt no better afterwards, as he sat while he watched his teammates make bad pass after bad shot after defensive breakdown while he didn't even get a chance to show anything on the court. After tonight there is one last scheduled game (and possibly a "playoff" game), so I am keeping my mouth shut and hoping for one last opportunity...

Game 8 - vs. Linden Freshmen

Tyler started the game on the bench today.

When he was in the game, he did what he was supposed to - like boxing out the shooter on a free throw attempt.

Here is Tyler looking for the rebound on the free throw once again.

Tyler had a good look at a three-point shot...

...that didn't fall, but you can't fault him for taking an open shot.

Or maybe you can, as he spent the rest of the game on the bench once again.

Despite getting very limited minutes, Tyler did nothing to make the blowout loss any worse than it was - a 50-27 defeat, their worst of the season so far.


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