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October 10th, 2013              

    Tyler's JV soccer team played their final game of the season at home against Oxford High School's JV team on Thursday, October 10th. For a while this appeared as if it might be a good game, as the play was back and forth between the two teams. Holly even got on the scoreboard first, as Tyler scored his first goal of the season by settling down a loose ball and kicking it into the net! The 1-0 lead was short lived however, as Oxford scored 6 unanswered goals after that. While it wasn't the finish to the season that anyone had hoped for, I was glad to see Tyler end it on a high note. Nobody knows at this point if this will be the end of his soccer career or not, but if it is, what a way to go! Regardless of the win-loss record, Tara & I are extremely proud of Tyler for going out and giving his all in a sport that he hasn't played since 2007. Not only that, but playing significant minutes and even scoring a goal in the process! Great job Tyler!

Game 10 - vs. Oxford High School

Tyler running on to the field during the pregame player introductions.

Tyler looking across the field as the ball is played by a teammate.

Tyler getting a foot on the ball as an opposing player reaches for it...

...while Tyler manages to kick the ball towards the goal...

...and into the net for his first goal! GREAT JOB TYLER!

Tyler trying to save a ball from going out of bounds...

...with a backwards kick.

Tyler and his teammates walking back to midfield after giving up a goal.

Tyler and a teammate racing down the field.

Tyler running down the field after the ball once again.

Tyler forcing an opposing player out of bounds with the ball.

Tyler walking to midfield once again.

Tyler watching as a teammate battles for the ball.

Tyler getting in position to get the ball.

Tyler battling for the ball along the sideline.

Tyler getting a foot up to knock down a pass.

The final score was a 6-1 loss, but Tyler temporarily gave his team a 1-0 lead with the only goal of the game.


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