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October 3rd, 2013              

    Tyler's Bronchos team played in the stadium at Stoney Creek High School today, and as expected when a much larger school plays a much smaller school, the big boys won today. Handily. About the only news to come out of today's game was the broken collarbone of Tyler's teammate. We hope that he recovers well and is feeling better soon.

    There isn't really much to say about today's game regarding the action on the field. Tyler is gradually improving, but it is tough to make too much progress when he is playing offense (forward) and the ball spends a majority of the time in our defensive zone. The game ended quickly today, as the Bronchos were mercied by a score of 8-0.

Game 7 - at Stoney Creek High School

Tyler, playing forward, watching the action unfold on his defensive end of the field.

Tyler watching a ball come down from high above...

...while attempting to get his head on the ball.

Tyler turning to intercept an opposing pass.

Tyler turning around as he sees the ball roll past him.

Tyler getting his foot on a pass.

Tyler running on the field.

Tyler knocking down the ball.

Tyler laughing in the center circle.

Tyler and his teammate fighting for a loose ball.

Tyler gaining control of the ball...

...before dribbling away from a defender...

...who caught up to Tyler and shoved him, drawing a foul on the play.

Tyler laughing once again as his teammate fights for the ball.

Tyler in position for another kickoff after his team gave up a goal.

Tyler was caught in the middle of turning around in this photo.

Tyler gaining control of the ball...

...and dribbling it up the field...

...before passing it off to a teammate.

Tyler fighting an opposing player for the ball.

The final score was 8-0, as the Bronchos were mercied with 25:10 remaining in the second half.


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